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  • Simple code highlighter using only CSS

    Over the last 10 years, I have learnt that sharing code on websites can be tricky. Just yesterday I was working on a blog post and realized that anything between the <code></code> can look ugly if not styled properly. For example, after writing some bash code within the post, it looked quite ugly: Now, I just… Read More »Simple code highlighter using only CSS

  • Restart apache on CentOS

    Recently, I had a friend setup a CentOS server for me as I personally have experience setting up and managing lamp on Ubuntu servers but needed a CentOS expert. Anyhow, the way to manage Apache on CentOS is a bit different than how it’s done on Ubuntu or debian based Linux. So I was trying… Read More »Restart apache on CentOS

  • Javascript: Copy object or variable from console into clipboard

    While I was doing some debugging, I badly needed to compare two Javascript objects that I could easily print into console but then was having a hard time remembering all of the differences from one object to the other one. This was a major API change and I couldn’t just get¬†everything off my memory. So… Read More »Javascript: Copy object or variable from console into clipboard