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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-admin/admin-header.php apply_filters 242 /**
* Filters the CSS classes for the body tag in the admin.
* This filter differs from the {@see 'post_class'} and {@see 'body_class'} filters
* in two important ways:
* 1. `$classes` is a space-separated string of class names instead of an array.
* 2. Not all core admin classes are filterable, notably: wp-admin, wp-core-ui,
* and no-js cannot be removed.
* @since 2.3.0
* @param string $classes Space-separated list of CSS classes.
wp-admin/includes/template.php apply_filters 2123 /**
* @global string $body_id

Hook Parameters

Parameter Type Name Description
string $classes Space-separated list of CSS classes.