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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-admin/install.php do_action 196 /**
* Displays installer setup form.
* @since 2.8.0
* @global wpdb $wpdb WordPress database abstraction object.
* @param string|null $error
wp-admin/options-reading.php do_action 203 /**
* Enables the legacy 'Site visibility' privacy options.
* By default the privacy options form displays a single checkbox to 'discourage' search
* engines from indexing the site. Hooking to this action serves a dual purpose:
* 1. Disable the single checkbox in favor of a multiple-choice list of radio buttons.
* 2. Open the door to adding additional radio button choices to the list.
* Hooking to this action also converts the 'Search engine visibility' heading to the more
* open-ended 'Site visibility' heading.
* @since 2.1.0

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