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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-includes/comment.php apply_filters 769 /**
* Filters whether a comment is part of a comment flood.
* The default check is wp_check_comment_flood(). See check_comment_flood_db().
* @since 4.7.0
* @since 5.5.0 The `$avoid_die` parameter was renamed to `$wp_error`.
* @param bool $is_flood Is a comment flooding occurring? Default false.
* @param string $comment_author_ip Comment author's IP address.
* @param string $comment_author_email Comment author's email.
* @param string $comment_date_gmt GMT date the comment was posted.
* @param bool $wp_error Whether to return a WP_Error object instead of executing
* wp_die() or die() if a comment flood is occurring.
wp-includes/comment.php apply_filters 929 /**
* Filters the comment flood error message.
* @since 5.2.0
* @param string $comment_flood_message Comment flood error message.

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