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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-admin/edit-tags.php apply_filters 497 /**
* Filters the taxonomy parent drop-down on the Edit Term page.
* @since 3.7.0
* @since 4.2.0 Added `$context` parameter.
* @param array $dropdown_args {
* An array of taxonomy parent drop-down arguments.
* @type int|bool $hide_empty Whether to hide terms not attached to any posts. Default 0.
* @type bool $hide_if_empty Whether to hide the drop-down if no terms exist. Default false.
* @type string $taxonomy The taxonomy slug.
* @type string $name Value of the name attribute to use for the drop-down select element.
* Default 'parent'.
* @type string $orderby The field to order by. Default 'name'.
* @type bool $hierarchical Whether the taxonomy is hierarchical. Default true.
* @type string $show_option_none Label to display if there are no terms. Default 'None'.
* }
* @param string $taxonomy The taxonomy slug.
* @param string $context Filter context. Accepts 'new' or 'edit'.
wp-admin/edit-tag-form.php apply_filters 191 /**
* Filters the editable slug for a post or term.
* Note: This is a multi-use hook in that it is leveraged both for editable
* post URIs and term slugs.
* @since 2.6.0
* @since 4.4.0 The `$tag` parameter was added.
* @param string $slug The editable slug. Will be either a term slug or post URI depending
* upon the context in which it is evaluated.
* @param WP_Term|WP_Post $tag Term or post object.

Hook Parameters

Parameter Type Name Description
array $dropdown_arg s {
string $taxonomy The taxonomy slug.
string $context Filter context. Accepts 'new' or 'edit'.