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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-includes/media.php apply_filters 1423 /**
* Filters an image's 'srcset' sources.
* @since 4.4.0
* @param array $sources {
* One or more arrays of source data to include in the 'srcset'.
* @type array $width {
* @type string $url The URL of an image source.
* @type string $descriptor The descriptor type used in the image candidate string,
* either 'w' or 'x'.
* @type int $value The source width if paired with a 'w' descriptor, or a
* pixel density value if paired with an 'x' descriptor.
* }
* }
* @param array $size_array {
* An array of requested width and height values.
* @type int $0 The width in pixels.
* @type int $1 The height in pixels.
* }
* @param string $image_src The 'src' of the image.
* @param array $image_meta The image meta data as returned by 'wp_get_attachment_metadata()'.
* @param int $attachment_id Image attachment ID or 0.

Hook Parameters

Parameter Type Name Description
array $image_meta The image meta data as returned by 'wp_get_attachment_metadata()'.
int[] $size_arra y {
string $image_src The 'src' of the image.
int $attachment_id The image attachment ID or 0 if not supplied.