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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-includes/pluggable.php do_action 563 /**
* Fires after PHPMailer has successfully sent an email.
* The firing of this action does not necessarily mean that the recipient(s) received the
* email successfully. It only means that the `send` method above was able to
* process the request without any errors.
* @since 5.9.0
* @param array $mail_data {
* An array containing the email recipient(s), subject, message, headers, and attachments.
* @type string[] $to Email addresses to send message.
* @type string $subject Email subject.
* @type string $message Message contents.
* @type string[] $headers Additional headers.
* @type string[] $attachments Paths to files to attach.
* }

Hook Parameters

Parameter Type Name Description
array $mail_dat a {