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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-admin/includes/image.php apply_filters 947 /**
* Filters the array of meta data read from an image's exif data.
* @since 2.5.0
* @since 4.4.0 The `$iptc` parameter was added.
* @since 5.0.0 The `$exif` parameter was added.
* @param array $meta Image meta data.
* @param string $file Path to image file.
* @param int $image_type Type of image, one of the `IMAGETYPE_XXX` constants.
* @param array $iptc IPTC data.
* @param array $exif EXIF data.

Hook Parameters

Parameter Type Name Description
int[] $image_types Array of image types to check for exif data. Each value