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Filename Hook Type Line Number PHP Doc
wp-includes/comment.php do_action 1506 /**
* Fires immediately after a comment is deleted from the database.
* @since 2.9.0
* @since 4.9.0 Added the `$comment` parameter.
* @param string $comment_id The comment ID as a numeric string.
* @param WP_Comment $comment The deleted comment.
wp-includes/comment.php do_action 2452 /**
* Fires immediately after transitioning a comment's status from one to another in the database
* and removing the comment from the object cache, but prior to all status transition hooks.
* @since 1.5.0
* @param string $comment_id Comment ID as a numeric string.
* @param string $comment_status Current comment status. Possible values include
* 'hold', '0', 'approve', '1', 'spam', and 'trash'.

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